About Us

We’d like to welcome you to The Year Round Harvest, a site dedicated to growing and preserving food for a “Year Round Harvest”.

For the last eight years my wife and I have been growing and preserving food from our small backyard gardens located in a small rural town in Central Pennsylvania. We started out with a small summer garden and over the years slowly expanded to several small garden plots, growing food from March until October.

Then in spring of 2011 we moved to a new house across town. The move has given us the opportunity to rethink how we garden. One of the projects of this site will be to document the evolution of our gardens and our quest to harvest food year round. We also hope to share with you all the things that we have already learned as well as all the things we still have to learn.

There are so many articles and sites out there today that feature large-scale backyard gardens, only problem is they take two people working full-time to maintain them. If you have the time, it’s a great use of your time, but so many of us don’t have that kind of time. We work very hard at balancing our desire to grow our own food with the time we have available to do so, it’s a constant balancing act. I hope that by sharing our experiences you can develop a great garden plan that fits your time constraints.

At the core of our passion for growing and preserving food is our love of good food. There is no easier way to give yourself access to great food then to grow it and preserve it yourself. We have even found that as a result of us growing our own food our children have grown to love all types of vegetables, especially those they had a hand in growing. We hope that we can inspire you to start growing and preserving your own food. It’s a great experience.

We hope you find this site enjoyable and educational.