Spring Garden Update: 5-18-12

We had some great weather recently and our garden is really growing. The perfect combination of warmer weather and rain, what more can you ask for?

I have already harvested some spinach and arugula from our spring planting. It is a great feeling to sit down at a meal and eat something that you grew from seeds in your own backyard. I wish more people could experience this feeling.

Close up of some lettuce plants

Our lettuce plants are slowly coming along. I spaced out my planting of lettuce, so we have lettuce at all stages of growth. Our carrots are also coming along well. The swiss chard is really lagging along. In fact, I am not sure if we will have any plants because they are really slow to start.

Lettuce plants

Our onions are a bit small, but they are still growing.

Several rows of spring onions.

The sugar snap peas are really taking off. Some days it seems like they grow several inches at a shot. The pea fences that I built seem to be working really well so far.

Several rows of sugar snap peas.

I have been fertilizing my plants with a combination of my homemade organic fertilizer and organic fish fertilizer.

Things are really moving along here at The Year Round Harvest, I hope you’re experiencing the same.

Happy Growing….

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