Kelp Meal

Last weekend I was finally able to locate a store in our area that carried Kelp Meal. I am really excited to finally have the chance to use Kelp Meal in my garden. For years I have read articles about the benefits of applying Kelp Meal, but since I had a really hard time finding a store in our area that carried it, I have just never used it until now.

A bag of Kelp Meal

Here are some interesting facts about Kelp Meal from Rodale’s Ultimate Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening:

– Provides about 60 trace elements that plants require in small quantities.
– Stimulates good soil bacteria.
– Provides growth-promoting hormones and enzymes.
– Average NPK Ratio is 1.0-0.5-2.5

They recommend an application rate of 1 to 2 pounds per 100 square feet of garden each spring. Since I had already applied my homemade organic fertilizer, I decide to side dress my rows with the Kelp Meal. In the future I will add the kelp meal to my homemade organic fertilizer. I will talk in more detail about my homemade organic fertilizer in a future post.

An open bag of kelp meal.

Now with the Kelp Meal applied the only thing left to do is wait and observe the benefits.

Has anyone had any experience with using Kelp Meal in their vegetable gardens?

Happy Growing….

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    • A great resource is Steve Solomon’s book “Gardening When It Counts”, he talks a lot about using Kelp Meal.

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