Pea Fence Update

Here is an update to a post I did a few weeks ago called “Building Pea Fences”. The peas have finally reached their mature height and the pea fences are working great.

The fences have been able to handle some pretty strong storms the last few weeks without any problems. No matter what weather mother nature throws at them they still stand up-right.

Pea fences load with peas.

I was a little worried about planting peas on either side of the pea fences, but it has work great. As you can see in the pictures, I ran twine between the vertical posts to help keep the peas growing tight to the fence.

Pea fences load with peas.

I have to say I am really happy with these pea fences. The time it took to build these pea fences was well worth it. This has been a great solution to all the problems I have had in the past growing sugar snap peas.

Close up of a sugar snap pea.

I hope if your growing sugar snap peas, you’re enjoying a great season as well.

Happy growing…