Garden Update – 8-15-12

Garden plot with green beans.With the extremely warm days behind us, we have had some really nice weather the last week or so. Unlike much of the country we have been receiving a good rain storm every few days, which is really helping the vegetables grows.

As you can see in the picture above, the green beans l planted a few weeks ago are really off to a good start. If things continue to go well we should have a really nice crop of green beans come fall.

Garden plot with peppers, squash and green beans.We are still picking zucchini, I had to pull one of the plants because it was done producing. The pepper plants are doing well this year.

Garden plot with carrots and swiss chard.The carrots we planted in the spring are finally mature, we have been harvesting them as we need them in the kitchen. Our swiss chard plants are giving us one good harvest a week.

Garden plot with green beans.Our other garden plot also has green beans planted in it, and they are growing well too. On the other side of the green beans are carrots and green onions planted for a late fall harvest. It’s hard to see but the seeds have germinated.

Garden plot with tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil.The tomato plants are really producing, we did lose one plant to the “wilt”. Our cucumbers are coming to an end, but that’s ok since we have enough pickles for the next year. The basil is soon ready for the third harvest of the year. The basil is really doing well this year.

I hope everyone else is having a great summer gardening season, despite the lack of rain in some parts of the country. Good luck to everyone.

Happy Growing…