Garden Update – 9-13-12

Rows of green beans in the garden.

Over the last few weeks we have been busy planting a few rows a week, in preparation for our winter garden. While our thoughts are on a winter garden a majority of our time has been spent harvesting and maintaining our current garden plots.

With the exception of our lettuce crop and one bad tomato plant, our gardens have been doing great this year. As you can see in the picture above, our green beans we planted at the end of July have really grown, we just started harvesting beans this week.

Rows of carrots in the garden.

We had a really hard rain a few days after we planted our fall carrots. As a result some of the seeds washed away and we were left with some spotty germination. Then, about two weeks later, we replanted some carrot seeds to fill in the areas, that’s why some of the carrots seem a lot larger than the others.

Rows of green beans, young lettuce plants and some herbs.

In our other garden plot we have some more green beans planted. We also planted some fall lettuce and some fall herbs (cilantro and dill).

Zucchini plants and pepper plants in the garden.On the far end of that plot we still have some zucchini and summer squash plants growing for a late harvest. There is also a row of pepper plants and then a row of swiss chard to finish out that plot.

Tomato plants growing on tomato ladders and basil plants.

We have another plot with tomatoes and basil still growing, we pulled out the cucumbers that were growing in front of the tomatoes. In place of the cucumbers we have planted some red beets to see how they do (it’s a test area).

Rows of plants for a winter garden.Our final plot is filled with all of the vegetables we will be growing for our winter garden. When the weather gets colder I will cover this plot to protect it from the elements. We have lettuce, beets, spinach, swiss chard, radicchio, radish, and a few more things planted for our winter garden. We are really interested to see how long and well our winter garden produces.

I hope you’re enjoying a great gardening season.

Happy Growing…


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  1. Oh, I wish I could have a winter garden. Just gets too cold here though. We are adding a big greenhouse next year that will allow me to start planting earlier in the spring though. I am sure looking forward to that.

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