Garden Update 4-7-13

Greens in the spring garden

One thing you begin to realize the longer you garden is what little control you have over certain things, like the weather. Here in the Northeast, Spring has finally arrived, after a colder than normal March. This has set my planting schedule back a few weeks, just one of the many adjustments you learn to make during the gardening season.

Peas planted in the spring garden

Last weekend I was able to get my sugar snap peas planted, only a few weeks late. Just like last year I planted two rows about a foot apart, so that I can place the trellis between the two rows. I then planted the next two rows about 2 feet from that last two rows. This process worked really well last year.

Spring garden 4-7-13

Eight weeks ago, I had started some broccoli and lettuce plants inside, last weekend I started hardening off the plants. This weekend they were finally ready to be planted outside, under the low tunnel.

Kale in the spring garden

Many of the things we planted late last fall for our winter garden are still going strong. The spinach, swiss chard, cilantro and kale are doing great. The beets and the carrots are coming along slowly. We have already harvest some kale this year, and the spinach and swiss chard are ready when we are. A winter garden makes a great early spring harvest.

I hope everyone has been able to get outside and start planting for the season.

Happy growing…