Garden Update – 7/8/18

Pole Beans & Squash

Pole beans with squash plants underneath.

Despite our recent heat wave in the northeast, our garden is doing great. I thought I would share what we have been harvesting each month, so you can better understand what we can get from a small garden.

April: Asparagus
May: Cilantro, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Sugar Snap Peas, Kale, Arugula and Lettuce
June: Broccoli, Swiss Chard, Sugar Snap Peas, Kale, Lettuce and Black Raspberries
July: Green Beans, Black Raspberries, Kale, and Lettuce (so far, lots more to come)

Broccoli Plants

The broccoli plants are coming to an end.

Shade cloth over the lettuce plants

Shade cloth over the lettuce plants.

Covering the lettuce with the shade cloth has really improve our lettuce harvest this season.

Cabbage Plants

The cabbage plants are still growing.

Sugar Snap Peas

The sugar snap peas are starting to dry back for seed saving. In a few weeks we will have a lot of seeds for next season. This is about our 12th season, saving sugar snap pea seeds.

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers and Basil

The tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and basil are all doing well.


The carrots are doing really well, they should be ready to harvest in a few weeks.

Black Raspberries

The black raspberries are continuing to produce lots of berries.


Black Raspberry harvest from this week.


Green Bean harvest from this week.

Happy Growing….