Winter Garden Update – 11-7-12

Rows of winter greens.Despite the fact that the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder, our garden is doing really well. We have been harvesting carrots, radishes, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, arugula, and spinach. It’s a great time of year for greens.

Last week our weather was really messy thanks to hurricane Sandy. Our area ended up fairing pretty well compared to other areas in the east. I protected our winter plot with a layer of plastic to keep the hard rain off the crops and it worked really well.

The winter garden covered in leaves.A few weeks ago I pulled all of our basil and tomato plants. I covered the plot with a thick layer of leaves for the winter. When I cover the plots with leaves in the fall I always feel like I am tucking my garden plots in for the winter.

Winter Garden bed covered in leaves.Our other plot has a little lettuce, cilantro, and thyme under the cage (to protect things from the rabbits). There are a few swiss chard plants at the far end. The middle of this plot is covered with leaves for the winter.

Carrots growing in the winter garden.Our third plot still has a lot of carrots in it, these were the carrots I planted at the end of the summer. We leave the carrots in the ground and pull them as we need them.

Winter garden bed of greens.The fourth plot is our winter plot, these are all the vegetables and herbs we planted at the end of the summer and early fall.  We have been enjoying some really good salads with our lettuce, greens, carrots and radishes.

Winter garden with the row cover removed.Here is another picture of our winter plot with the low tunnel frame. Until this past weekend,  I only covered the plants when it got really cold at night. This week they are calling for cold days and nights so my plan is to leave the plot covered 24/7.

Winter garden under a row cover.

Here is the garden plot all covered up for winter, when things really start to get cold I will apply a layer of clear plastic over the top of the row cover.

I hope your winter garden is doing well, and if you don’t have one, maybe it is something to consider for next year.

Happy Growing…

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  1. This is so inspiring. I’ve been inching toward 3 growing seasons, but tend to peter out when it gets cold. Perhaps next year I can stick it out in a more sustained way.

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