Winter Garden Update – 11-29-12

Lettuce in the winter garden.Even though we are still four weeks away from winter I am still considering our winter garden a success. As you can see in the photos, we have a lot of great vegetables still growing in the garden, even as we near the end of November.

Vegetables in the winter garden.The only plants that I feel did not grow as large as I had hoped is our spinach plants. They are large enough to harvest, just not really big.

Vegetables in the winter garden.

End view of the winter garden.

The weather report for this week was nightly lows in the 20’s F and day time highs in the upper 30’s F. As a result, last weekend I applied a layer of clear plastic over top of the row cover on the low tunnels. I used a basic construction grade 4 mil. thick clear plastic purchased at my local hardware store. I used the same thing last winter with good success.

Some online garden supply stores carry a 6 mil thick clear green house plastic that would be perfect to use, but it does cost more. Maybe next year.

I secured the plastic to the wooden base frame with staples, that way each low tunnel can be easily lifted up to harvest then lowered back down. Each low tunnel is 8 ft long. To learn more about building these simple low tunnels check out my pervious post “Building a Low Tunnel

The winter garden with snow.I am sure glad I added the plastic to the low tunnels, because we got our first snow fall of the year this week. It only amount to about an inch or two, but we still had snow.

Carrots and Radishes from the winter garden

My wife harvested some carrots and radishes (pictured above) to go with the lettuce she harvested today for salads tonight. Nothing beats a homegrown salad in November. You’ve got to love the winter garden.

Happy Growing…

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  1. This is seriously impressive. Your winter garden looks better than mine did all summer. Really an inspiration for next year.

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